Twelfth Night (Libra Theatre):
" aggressively seductive Olivia."--West Side Rag

"Angela Cristantello, too, is enjoyable as Olivia...At Cristantello's best and sharpest comedic moments--her delivery of the crowning line "Most wonderful!" is spot-on--she pleasantly reminds me of a young Carol Burnett."--Woman Around Town

The Borderland (Kansas City Repertory Theatre):

"Cristantello is utterly believable as the beleaguered spouse who is trapped in a seemingly intractable predicament."--The Wednesday Sun

"Cristantello is completely believable as the frightened wife, accepting her fate of living in poverty with five children under the age of seven knowing there are no alternatives in store for her." --A'n' E Vibe

"The strong but underutilized Angela Cristantello..."--The Pitch

The Death of Cupid (KC Fringe Fest):

"Cristantello is very good as Lysistrata."--Kansas City Star

And Then They Came For Me...(Coterie Theatre):

"...the excellent Angela Cristantello stands raw-eyed and trembling against the snow-scape of Auschwitz and speaks, with all her earlier girlishness stripped from her, of a rat nibbling blood off her frostbitten feet.  Moments like these, realized with painful clarity by director Cynthia Levin, don't just show us hell.  They singe us with it."--The Pitch

"Standouts were Angela Cristantello as Eva, who used her voice and body language to mature from a pampered, immature 13 year-old, to a haggard survivor in the space of an hour."--eKC

Night of the Living Dead (Coterie Theatre):

"Barbara (Angela Cristantello) spends the majority of the play either screaming or in a shocked silence after her brother Johnny (Spencer Wilson) is attacked and abducted by a zombie in a graveyard.  ...Cristantello played the facially-dependant part well, gaining many laughs and supportive claps as she played the helpless, frantic damsel in distress."--University News

"Like last year, Angela Cristantello is amusing and a bit touching as the catatonic Barbara."--The Pitch

Quindaro (UMKC):

"Playing a schoolteacher of almost superhuman nobility, the lively Angela Cristantello brought an admirable looseness to a starchy role, finding the beating heart buried underneath the stiffest of dialogue.  Our original review described her as 'uncorking her deft laughter', which didn't go far enough.  With warmth and charm, this eccentric comic performer marveled at the unlikely history taking shape around her, throwing her head back and bursting out a laugh with all the wild effervescence of high-dollar bubbly."--The Pitch

Othello (Heart of America Shakespeare):

"Angela Cristantello provides sexy comic relief as Bianca without overdoing it."--Kansas City Star

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