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Mah Origins

SO, I'm from the Finger Lakes.  And it's gorgeous there, and I love it, but it's no place for an actor to truly do her thing.  So, I went to Buffalo.  And graduated, and went to Kansas City.  And graduated again.  And then, I moved to Brooklyn, and NOW! I'm in Los Angeles, taking improv classes, making stuff, and auditioning my face off.  And writing.  And spooning with a boy and a dog.  It's grand.   
​​Latest Stuff

Pigeon Jones Presents
--improv show hosted by our team: Mouthfeel
--The Clubhouse
--2nd Sunday of every month, 6pm

Denim Doves
--original play, Winter 2018
--Sacred Fools, Los Angeles

--national commercial, Spring 2018
NEAT & Forthcoming

In Her Wake
--in post-production
--release:  Summer, 2019

Ginger Forward
--indie short
--in pre-production
--shooting:  Spring, 2019